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Noah Gundersen - Jealous Love lyrics

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I don't want no jealous love

Honey I've had enough of it

All my life, bringin' me down

I don't want no heartless ruck

Honey, gettin' stuck

Havin' so many words

But nothin' left to sing


I want it betta than I've eva had

I want it betta then

So give me the good times

Give me the bad

I want it betta than I've eva had

(Verse 2)

I don't want to be a crutch

Honey, u take too much

From me, or u for me

I will neva be ur shinin' knight

Honey, ur Mr Right

But I would do all I can to be ur man


(Verse 3)

Don't want ur sympathy

Just want ur honesty

Will u honestly want me?

I'll call u every night

I will try to find a little more good in me

To give to u


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