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Noah Gundersen - Heartbreaker lyrics

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Settle down, head against the window

Countin' hours by the handful of plastic bottle shots

Comin' home, sleepin' in my own bed

Wakin' up to the silence

I’m no good at this at all


I need a good distraction, honey if u could come by

And hold me like u want me, like that would make me happy

Like that would take the pain away if only for a while

And maybe in the mornin', leave without a warnin'

Just a note on the pillowcase that says 'I neva wanted more'

(Verse 2)

Cuddle up, wrap ur arms around me

Don’t lace it up with sympathy

It’s just easy if you’re sleepin'

Soon enough I’ll be leavin' here tomorrow,

And all the pain and the sorrow makes it easier to go



oh, heartbreaker, name-taker, ladies man,

oh, heartbreaker, name-taker, heartbreaker, ladies man, oh

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