Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen - Halo (Disappear/Reappear) lyrics

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Under my halo I have trouble seeing clear

You have my hand tight waiting to watch me disappear

I wasn't honest, tell you the truth

I wanted it all, but I won't give it to you

All of the lessons disappeared, still never learned to be comfortable


Making my mind up, making an effort is a start

It's easy to die here, it's easier still just to fall in fight

All the excuses, all the cop-outs, take it like a man and shut your mouth

Here I can make it on my own, I've watched my grandfather die

(Verse 2)

Now that I'm alone here, feels so familiar, feel so strange

Running in circles, chasin' the echoes over me

When I try and tell you, you say I don't care

Goddamn it, I do and don't you dare

Make a reason to get even for the flood of your tears

(Guitar solo)


I watched you disappear

I watched disappear it, your miracle

I was disappearing, disappearing

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