No Address

No Address - Time

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You come to see

What's been going on with me

Ain't got no doubts

As you sit down on my couch

Girl I feel low

Just thought you should know

So you blow your little smoke

Right in my face

Honey there's a lot of things

We should really, really say.

You know it takes time

But time doesn't notice

Not at all.

Got fired from my job

Cuz I was lying to my boss

My shirts all got holes

I got no money, no control

My soul's getting down

She said to me as she started to frown

Don't go blowing your mind on things

You'll never, never know

Sadly she said, I think it's time for me to go

God, love, and money

Is baffling me

And even though I'm losing you honey

There's just so much more that I need.

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