NLT - Like Dat

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I was just rollin with my friends saw this little thing

And she turned me on don't know exactly wat she was doin

Dying to show me face of an angel I can sense she can keep me up

Til the break of dawn watchin the body and how it bends u can put it on me

Move and slide onto the floor while we stepin everybody stares

Hot and it's on girl we gonna rock this room I just wanna know tell me does it feel

Girl I wanna go tell me if I put it on u would u like that girl just put it on me

Cause I like that fast on the slow hands on the wheel girl take control

Tell me if I put on would u like that girl just put it on me cause I like that

Now that u got my attention watcha gonna do when I make my move

I ain't gonna stop so no teasein are u tryin to kill me every guy in here wants to

Know your name I'm sure it's luvly but I want u come a little closer and we'll exchange

Now girl do u feel me

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