NIRVANA - Tourette's

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- moderate rock!<br><br>Mayday every day, in my heart.<br>Could've had a heart attack, in my heart.<br>We don't know anything, in my heart.<br>We all want something fair, in my heart.<br>Hey!<br>Hey!<br>Heyyyyyyy! (x3)<br><br>Out of town, out of sight, is my heart.<br>Queen of lies, everyday, in my heart.<br>My heart, one more on the phone, my heart.<br>One more at the phone, at my heart<br>Hey!<br>Hey!<br>Heyyyyyyyyyyy! (x2)<br><br>Mean heart, cold heart, cold heart, cold heart<br>Cold heart, cold heart, cold heart, cold heart!<br><br>Uhhhhhhh!

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