NIRVANA - Talk To Me

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Shake it down easy, shake it down sleazy, come on<br>Shake it down easy, shake yourself, suzy, come on<br><br>Don't let me detain you<br>Try to ride along<br>Don't you lie, knowing<br>I am not sad<br>I am not silly<br>I am not chippin'<br>I am not chippin' away<br><br>Talk to me<br>In your own language, please<br>In your own<br>Talk to me<br>In your own language please<br><br>Shake it down easy, make it sound seamy, doll man<br>Make it sound now, make it full house, sad man<br><br>Leader of the band<br>Makes a mental hell<br>I won't weather it well<br>Well I never<br>Saw it with my arm<br>Paint it with my heart<br>Paint it with my eyes and make it right<br><br>Lay down easy, lay it down seamy, sad man<br>Lay down easy, lay it down seamy, sad man<br><br>You don't want to hear this<br>Nothin' but a whore<br>I will play the leader<br>With pain<br>Now you know I'm needy<br>Lay them down easy<br>Lay them down easy<br><br>Talk to me<br>In your own language please

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