NIRVANA - Pen Cap Chew

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Ummm, lies again<br>Ummm, mine<br>Ummm, mmmm<br><br>You go, you give, you get, you get to me<br>All the years of tyrants such an easy way to go<br>You go, you give, you get, you get to me<br>Time to struggle and the scaling of fingernails<br><br>Ummm, lies again<br>Ummm, mine<br>Ummm, mmmm<br><br>You're lonely<br><br>Waste your time by saying he was gullible<br>Give up all additions in there where it's cold<br>Push that gate, it is the age of red eye shame<br>Protest swine, go to jail, the travesty<br><br>Two minutes slow...slow...slow...oh

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