NIRVANA - Paper Cuts

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When I'm feeling tired<br>She puts you through the door<br>I crawl towards the cursed alley<br>Sometimes I can't find my way<br>This curtain's (kurt is? ) spellbound (still round)<br>So get all that you can<br>A cool man is toughening/too plain<br>A good hosing down<br><br>When the hate in my field (ma)eternal all four<br>Cannot look me in the eyes<br>But I asked the years ham radio blew<br>And the car, twist, mouth, fear! yaaah!<br>I think so<br>I think so<br>I think so<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana...<br><br>Back when 'twas a party<br>I scratched with my nails<br>I see now that she's just like me<br>Why do they not try to escape? <br>They bring out the holy ones<br>They pointed my way<br>They come with the flashing lights<br>And take my family away<br><br>An-gr-y later I am known to<br>Slap some friends of ridicule<br>My whole existence is for your fears<br>And that is why I'm here with you!<br>Don't taaaake<br>Me awaaaaay<br>You're round<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana<br>Nirvana...

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