NIRVANA - Mexican Seafood

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Oh, it's your face, it isn't even<br>True the jaws and claims<br>You entertain and chew the fungus mold<br>Is my intraction<br>Oh, it's only a, it is infection.<br>Only her tonight, until I pay<br>Only her tonight, I fell asleep<br>Oh, coming from, the diarrhea<br>Oh, her tired form<br>I come in peace and live a dirty book<br>On the cloudy class, fender burn, and become a childhood mess<br>Only her tonight, until I plea<br>Only her tonight, until I sing<br>Oh, take me back, lets just concise some<br>Flies, bugs and fleas and even meal can't<br>Stain the vaseline<br>It's headed burger's out<br>In case it learns and takes it's childhood such

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