NIRVANA - In His Room In His Hands Verse Chorus Verse

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Driven conversations, even I can read<br>Wouldn't want to fake it, and I'm tired of this dream (not sure about this sentence)<br>Taking medications, in the back of the room<br>Driven conversations, he died in june.<br><br>See the stab wounds in his hands<br>See him dying in his room<br>He's dying in his room<br>He's dying in his room<br>Heading for me, heading this way<br>He is coming, I don't care<br><br>Wouldn't want to fake it, well I don't mind<br>Giving conversations to a friend of mine<br>Giving medications, in a lighted room<br>Wouldn't want to fake it, I know I should<br><br>See the stab wounds in his hands<br>You killed him, I don't care<br>Keep a promise, you would too<br>Keep a promise, even you<br>See the silence in his head<br>He is coming, I don't care<br><br>We're not gonna make it, well I don't mind<br>Wouldn't want to fake it, but I have this time<br>Giving conversations, to whom they don't know<br>Taking medications till my stomach's full.<br><br>See a famine in his head<br>See him coming at their heels<br>He loves you, give him a chance<br>I don't love him, I don't care<br>See him starving, give her hell<br>It is over, we don't care in his room<br><br>From outcesticide ii.

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