NIRVANA - If You Must Happy Hour The Extreme

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I can read, I can write<br>I can breathe, proven fact<br>Bless my greed, crease unfold<br>Is it me, or my ego<br>Write some words, make them rhyme<br>Pieces for, story line<br>Set the mood, something new<br>Is it me, or my attitude<br><br>If you want, to belong<br>And you miss, the extremes<br>The extremes, acted out<br>Practicing<br>Perfecting<br>Pressuring<br>Unto to me<br><br>I will wade, in the fire<br>To explain, your asylum<br>Idle times, analyzing<br>We'll compare, all our sightings, come on<br><br>I speak, to hear, my voice

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