NIRVANA - Curmudgeon

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I can't hide, no<br>On the mantle<br>I'm not sad<br>Until I'm home<br><br>It's the season<br>I'm all reason<br>I have seen<br>All I have grown<br><br>Sheared at the seams<br>Cheat on me<br>And not seen<br>At the seams<br><br>I'm a lender<br>I'm a planter<br>I put something<br>In the garden<br><br>In the handle<br>On the mantle<br>I met santa<br>I met god<br><br>I'm a lady<br>Can you save me? <br>It's the sulfur<br>I have grown<br><br>'tis the season<br>I'm all reason<br>I have fleas<br>So run on home

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