NIRVANA - Beeswax

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Lying here sitting in front of a fire<br>Not only megan said I could thrive on a shot<br>Grinning my manhood and judge the mantle<br>I cut it up for you<br>Say hey hey<br>And I wake up<br>I got my do this way (3x)<br><br>She laughs about it<br>Squeeking inflection when the wind blows just right<br>Dragging your thumbs of my shirt<br>How many jumps is in it<br>Right hey<br>When I'm getting back<br>I got my do this way<br>{incomprehensible babble}<br><br>Hear my fucking hate<br>I got my do this way<br><br>If your world is getting ugly<br>Fiberglass situation is as can as cotton candy<br>Sunning out to save a ranch you ovulate<br>Freedom and count out being wrong<br>I feel you will gladly take it anal<br>Filly sli reminds me of someone<br>I understand your fear for the love boat<br>Don't need to kneel<br>Save all the cho ho<br>And I get along<br>I got my feel this pay<br>I got a little tale<br>I got my do this way<br>{incomprehensible babble}<br>When you're getting in<br>I got my do this way

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