NIRVANA - Baba O' Riley

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Out here in the fields<br>I fight for my meals<br>I get my back into my living<br>I don't need to fight<br>To prove I'm right<br>I don't need to be forgiven<br><br>Don't cry<br>Don't raise your eye<br>It's only teenage wasteland<br><br>Sally ,take my hand<br>Travel south crossland<br>Put out the fire<br>Don't look past my shoulder<br>The exodus is here<br>The happy ones are near<br>Let's get together<br>Before we get much older<br><br>Teenage wasteland<br>It's only teenage wasteland<br>Teenage wasteland<br>Oh, oh<br>Teenage wasteland<br>They're all wasted!<br><br>Originally by the who

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