Nine - Ta Rasss

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Ta rasss, who you think you playin with?

It's the Nine and I'm on some old word to Jah type shit

Flavor, spits from the larynx, check CD's

cassettes, brings checks up in my rest

Mirror, mirror - sit 'pon wall!

Who comes down with true wicked - yes y'all!

Membranes, them haffa ? from egg

Still I'm full of lead, I-ah leave nuff man dead

I possess finesse, wear vest 'pon chest

Pack glock in waist for, whoeva won test

Six million ways to die - chose one!

Razor blade, cyanide, and de one shotgun

Just to name a few, I-ah mash up your crew

Here it comes, microphone check, ONE TWO!

We can get wicked whether night or day

Nine, Nine, come out and play!

Chorus: repeat 2X

Ta rasss! All I need is Power-U

The mic, crazy cash, a twist, and a brew

Ta rasss! All I need is Power-U

The mic, crazy cash, a twist, and a brew


I get high like fuckin helicopters

And when I get home I peel off my silk boxers

Wash my nuts, scratch my ass, what the fuck is up?

Check the cash in the stash

MC's are fleas, to Nine

I make cheese like thieves, nigga please!

Open Sesame, don't test me

I'll shove my balls in your mouth, you look like Dizzy Gillespie

For those who wave they arm, I'ma hack it off

with the weed whacker, and then back smack ya, carjack ya

Run you down with a tractor!

You a actor, tryin to play my part with no fuckin heart

You the tin man... nigga!

Go see The Wizard of Oz or kick the can

Damn, now I am the man the only man

with a sound that pounds like gunshots in weed spots

The only thing she gettin is big.. cock..

When I push and I push in that wet.. spot..

How she like it? How she like it? She like it a lot

Cause I'm thick and I hit that G.. spot..



I got cash, crazy cash, I stash hash

in the crack of my ass, then I dash, quick fast

I blast, MC's don't last, I move fast

like cigarette ash, they drop, on the grass, through the glass

I see, asses I must pass, then I crash and cut

like Grandmaster Flash at early mass!

The Monster Mash bump uglies like car crash

I'm like, Everlast, _Jump Around_ when I *BUST* that ass

Laugh last, laugh best, who you won test?

I'll make a mess on your girlfriend's dress

Then bless the buddha, put away the sixteen shot shooter

Cause I ain't new ta, WHO DA?

Hell is gonna question the _Redrum_ master himself

Yeah, I blow ta rasss off the top shelf

Ta rasss.. all respect goes out

to KRS-One, Primo, Ralph McDaniels, Sluggy Ranks

Redman, Method Man, Ill Al Skratch

Tha Alkaholiks - J-Ro, my nigga!

And that's how I'ma leave you on this note right here

If you FRONTIN, on the N-I-N-E

I bring ta rasss.. mad noise, and let you recognize!

It's my turn now! (ta rasss)

Ta rasss!

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