Nina - What If

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You know the things I said to you

Not for a minute did I ever mean it

I could see it in your eyes

The hurt and the surprise


Somehow the words just got away

Don't think I never tried to stop it, no, no

I had to watch you turn around

Walk away without a sound

Tell me baby,


What if I took it back?

What if you would forgive me?

I would do anything,

To undo what I did last night…

Oh, oh…

What if we could turn back time?

Back when you would believe me.

Would you help me instead?

To unsay what I said last night…

What if wrong could turn to right?

Oh no, no…

We're not meant to be this way

We're not supposed to share our destiny like this

All the plans that we have made

Can't let them fade away

Fade away,

Repeat Chorus

There ain't no distance too far

I put myself on the line

There's nothin' I wouldn't do

To get you back in my life

Woah…oh…yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus


What if…

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