Nina - A Girl Can Dream

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When I was a child the story would say

Somebody will sweep you off your feet some day

That's what I hoped would happen with you

More than you could know

I wanted to tell you that my heart's in your hands

I'd pray for the day that I would get the chance

Just when I worked up the courage to try

Much to my surprise

You had somebody else

Cause this feelings i keep to my self...


I may never get to hold you so tight

I may never get to kiss you goodnight

I may never get to look deep in your eyes

And so it seems

I always will be wishing you were mine

I'll think about what could be all the time

All the happiness that I could find

Baby, a girl can dream

From the moment I wake up till I fall asleep

I imagine you're not with her but with me

Talking and laughing sharing our dreams

But it's just a fantasy

Cause you have somebody else

These feelings i keep to myself....


...A girl can dream it's true

And to call you my own........

It's the sweetest dream I know.....

(repeat chorus)

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