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Nikko Lafre - Way Too Long lyrics

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It's been way too long, too long since I let you down

So I'mma flock you right all night when I'm in your town

And it will turn you on when I push that button, oh baby

Can't wait no more, no more, you know I need ya


Late nights on the road, phone full of hoes, but I'm thinkin' bout you

Cause it done been too long, yeah, they say you moved on, girl I hope it ain't true

But if it is, oh well, I can only blame me, yeah I know and I admit it

Cause when you needed me around, I was in and out of town

But I had to go and get it, cause the money meant the most to me

I left you and everybody else close to me

Nah I'm callin' you out like you ain't neva spoke to me

It's why I'm drinkin' all this liquor, make a toast for me

And I got bitches that'll prolly fly coach to me

See, I'd rather pay to put you on that first class

Fly down to the islands for the whole week

Shit, that's the least that I can do and you deserve that

You deserve that, but knowin' you, you prolly neva let me do it

So I'm headin' to the city, yeah, I'm headin' to the city

Hit you up to say I'm comin', I know you said you ain't believe me

Till I pull up sayn pretty, yeah, I pull up sayn pretty

Like whateva tho, you know I got it fo' you still, girl

You know I'm just the way you make a nigga feel, girl

I'm tryna leave you in the past, but I neva could

Cuz the luv don't fade when it's real, girl


(Verse 2)

I was young and in a rush

I was worried about me while you was worried about us

Your moms told me you were crushed

For losing the only nigga you could trust

Damn, now I'm left to adjust in Miami

Where these hoes got the worst intentions

They all flock to me when the worth is mentioned

But these bitches just birds they ain't worth the attention

In the least bit, and I'm just speaking on some G shit

I miss the way you put it on me on some freak shit

That pussy good and you used to put me to sleep quick

And now you steppin' seven days on some weak shit

It's cause I'm workin' on an album and a tour now

A guy wish, but I need a couple awards now

Spendin' my nights in the studio, let the boys down (?!)

Like Ty Malone, maybe miss you even more now

True team, no lie, yeah, true team

Just come on ova to the tele, we can do tings

It's been a while and I'm tryna show you some new tings

Not one, not two, but a few tings

That's what she like then she told me 'boy I forgive you'

Done been with some otha niggas, but nothin' like bein' with you

So fuck it, let's try it ova, get ready, I'm comin' ova

And I promise, boy, tonight I'll put it on ya

Cuz it done been


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