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Nikko Lafre - TTINM lyrics

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I need answers

Lord, I need answers

Running kids are ready to ride and blow _____

Trying to tell it to the man

But it seems it never listens

It would sound hypocritical

You would love to play the victim

I’m supposed just to accept that I’m the value of the system

Then again, maybe he’s right

Maybe I’m just another nigga too concerned about his freedom and rights

Maybe this world is just for whites

To walk the streets and watch the people who fight

Got me a gun and a knife

It’s just confusing, man

I’ll never get it

It’s foolish how you imitate the culture

Cause you never lived it

But you ain’t never paid the hood a visit

You spread the hate and tried to kill the niggaz’ spirits

Call these thugs, call these niggaz

But I’m never affected

Then the city respects us

But we will need more

Hands up, don’t shoot

Hands up, don’t shoot

Man it could have been me

Cause I could never be you

Little shit, just facts

I’m just being honest

And both the brothers had a plan when they went to college

Yeah, they had a future

But they never had a chance

And look at ____ Wilson

He’s still a free man

With blood on his hands

Blood on the leaves

They’re shooting niggaz down

It’s blood on the streets

From black bodies, keep a pistol

Cause it’s official

Yeah it’s clear crystal

They’re tryin’ to end a nigga

If you ain’t racist

Then I’m hoping that this shit would not offend you

Actin’ like he got love for the people

I’m sayin’ that we’re equal

And I’m sick of saying about 12 niggaz that are killers

Judges let them walk

So I guess it is legal

And I guess I ain’t peaceful

Cause I’m standing for a cause

Got the nerve to use my voice

To say the system is flawless

Stay above the stars tonight

Sleeping on the stars

I would have never known

Soldier of the sun

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