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Nikko Lafre - Take It To The Otherside lyrics

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It’s time to take it to the other side

Show you nigga how I really living

Growing up I was …

And even had a …

…for a minute nigga now I’m really in it

When you come from nothing and you start getting money

No saving nigga all you know it’s spinning

Round, round…be looking like Akon

All black with the red …

If you ain’t talking ‘bout my profit

If I watch a shit then I copy

Young nigga from the …town …

Selling dopo grande

Make it young nigga wize up

I ain’t try to count it behind the bar

Mama told me I was born a star

And Lord never lie

…got a vision, a vision

And you hate nigga haven’t a real life

I take a look …and all I see it’s …

Killers nigga can’t fuck with us

You wait women the you gotta die

All I really know it’s murder nigga

I’m on the beat …

Cuz in high school I ain’t go to class

And when I did I was like fuck the teachers

Cuz all they tech are bullshits

And I real life you can’t apply

Yeah nigg steel graduated but I feel that shit was a waste of time

…get reach and get my people go out to struggle

He said go to college and pick a …

Fuck that I will pick a hustle


But I ain’t never sold drugs nigga

A lot of shit would be much different

A lot of this nigga don’t listen’s been a few years but I steel miss ‘em

..nigga we’re all victims, young black discriminated


Some bad bicthes I penetrated said damn love I …


But to get it from e they gonna have to kill me

You hate on me I won’t give a fuck

I’m rich bitch you don’t have to feel me


….and I have a dream…

So I fuck with her but I never trust it

…til I’m dead and gone


I did it on my own so let’s fuck niggas …

So welcome all to the other side

Let’s get it, let’s get it

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