Nikko Lafre

Nikko Lafre - Survival lyrics

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It all comes down to we gotta survive

We got to survive here

'Cause I'm not going back to Africa

We gotta survive here

From dirt roads to them bright lights

My life story, there ain't nothing like

I was born where there ain't nothing nice

There'll be niggers shooting like a paradise

For this rap shit I had to sacrifice

So much of me, you wouldn't believe it

That's why I have to see another damn of you niggers

In that top spot, 'cause I need it!

When it come to real, I bleed it

No fake shit come this way

I'm a thorough nigga since day one

But them other niggas, they bitch, mainly

No, I ain't a killer, get shit straight

I got a couple of guns, and I ain't for none

But I'll let loose on you bitch niggers

Before I let my mamma loose her only son

Mind set on that hundred M's

'cause my mamma need that 600 Benz

My pops need 'em big cribs somewhere in the hills

Where them crackers live

And that foreign whip that young African

I got a whole lot to come back again

When they reed up, while you other niggas make no moves

Like a mannequin, when I'm in that bitch the dudes panicking

'Cause young nigga has come up,

Got a little change but he changed up

So don't compare the kids with them lame fucks

So foul gazzy ass rappers, these niggas acting like bitches

But I ain't worry about what these niggers do

I be the rich, minding my business

Young me

All the love I gave didn't mean nothing when it came to fear

But I'mma show you how I always survived

I constantly come back, you know what I mean?

Only thing that can kill me is death!

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