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Nikko Lafre - Still Geech lyrics

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See ages become on this niggas over night

Nah, I was born this way, I was raise this way

And I’mma die this way


And I still put the money over hoers

And I still got the killers on call

Cuz I’m still don’t fuck with the law

And I’m still geech, so I still got the bitches on dick

And I’m still flexed up in the six

Girl still AO with the risy

And I’m still geesh


Girl I’m still that old nigga from the west and

Got this bitches on dick when I step back

They know that I’m fuckin’ no question

Hooked up in the six but I left it

That drop up froze, got the all show with it

See so white with the windows in it

It’s all them broke boys, can’t you see it with it

Cuz when you get money,

man I swear these pussy niggas always try to take your blesses

But I’m strap so ain’t no question

Wanna hit with that west side with me

Show time in this bitch I step

And got no more jealous and my bitch is the same

Talk with that bitch and I don’t mention the same

Cuz I would got some changes and I still don’t change

Ooh yeah



And I’m still in my day one rich

I won’t leave them, that’s on motion

You’ll try me, I’ll shut on propose

Until the grace, I still pay homes

I’ll pie that nigga pie and I’m still on pose

Still smoked up, yo I’m still blow job

If you still need something

Yo I’m still for the low

Yeah I’m still body check yeah I’m still body check

Want a brand new crib, I ain’t said it yet

Cuz I’m still on the road, and I’m still gettin’ thou

I could never spend

On the booty ass hoers, know it soft for the spend

Free my little hors, man they all in the jam

So I still make sure to kiss the books

Cuz a real ass nigga, man it’s all that I am

Ooh yeah


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