Nikko Lafre

Nikko Lafre - She Know lyrics

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Ft. Drew Love


She said she don't need a man, but she want one

And I'm gon' be the man in the long run

So tell that otha man I'm the wrong one

And choppa's goin' blam if he on one

Oh yea, she know, cuz that's my bitch

It ain't yo bitch, it ain't his bitch

Oh yea, she know, I don't play around

If she stay around, then I live that

Hell yea, she know


Uh, been fuckin' on 'er since way back

Pussy good, man, so good, I start sayin' shit I can't take back

When I'm deep in it, soul strokes, I sleep in it

Shawty told me that's my pussy, no otha man, just me in it

So who the fuck is this new nigga?

Walk around, talkin' mighty fuckin' my bitch

While I'm outta town, get show money

While I'm back around, gon' flip

And that .40 cal on my hip, so to fuck shit I'm still for

Fuck around with what's mine, boy, you gon' fuck around and get killed for it

I'm game! Now she callin' me to explain

Don't know none bout that and this

And I always let ya tryna place blame

On the lifestyle with this fame

I was blessed wid it, she was left wid it

Worn about it from steppin' out with some next bitch

In that ratchet shit, I'm like damn!


(Verse 2: Drew Love)

She don't need nothin', she lookin' fo' somethin'

Look the otha way befo' you get yo ass in trouble

Didn't skip the movie, ya know we into fuckin'

Couldn't make it home, so we did that shit in public

You a freak, she know she a freak, she know just what I do

Boy, she ride that D, she make me not believe it

She a freak, shawty, she a freak, I know she single

So I pull that bitch and turn her to a vicious scream, I

Every time she come around, this the type of shit we be on

She said she don't need a man, but she can't get ova me


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