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Nikko Lafre - Kill The Lies lyrics

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(Hook) x 2

Time to kill the lies, to distance it’s over

Search for the divine, will find it so, and so it will catch it


Kissing on your neck, kissing on that back

Kissing on that cap, why you kiss in my text

Then I bring you back

God damn girl you go it, girl you got it

Who you got it from?

Must have been your mother ha? X 2

Get down, girl you bless, smoke this weed, easy your stress

Know some time I get you high but know sometime I get you wet

That’s for real, I’m just saying, know we roll, so quick playin’

Like this dick don’t hit you so, when I’m goin’ deep then I pull it back slow

And I’m falling back here and I’m stocking

Ooh my shit, shit will be stocking

She said she love me, I tell her : Baby don’t front your emotion

Cuz what you love is the moment and what I love is in the morning

Might think it’s something in night

But it will be nothin’ bout morning, believe me

(Hook) x 2


Girl I know the shit get old and will me time when you’ve been told

That I am shit by all the hoers that had to hit

And how they hold to grudge

And what’s that nerves, I know it does,

But girl just be patient

Cuz what we got could be special if comes in proper occasion

But as for now I’m just waiting

No, we ain’t dating just fucking

So shit come over then come all over

That pussy keep gushing in night

And since ain’t no rush, girl I will take all my time

Try to get you to that nut

Cuz you get yours, I get mine


At least is what I’ve been thanking

Til intermittences go by and it’s like the rings will go blinking

For round 2, 3, 4, 5 and maybe even 6

No, I don’t love you, I admit but still that pussy good as shit

And that’s the truth

(Hook) x 2

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