Nikko Lafre

Nikko Lafre - H Town Influence lyrics

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Yeah, I got my switcher

…when I’m out to public

And I got to thank for the …women

Cuz the basic bitches refuse to fuck with

Right and clean said in the …

While I’m sending texts

Young nigga gonna pay up,

And do a lot more then we expecting

Damn, you should know that I’m realy on my shit

Gotta tell this niggas from my sit then it ain’t enough rooms …

So gonna hide up all your … nigga

If you ain’t talking ‘bout money then you’re really shit

That’s no need to discuss

Nigga get bad, get bad, or I let you to know my …

And they telling me that I’m the answer

Bitch I won’t need questions and bitch I won’t need suggestions

I know how to move, I know how to get it

And we talk about it but I really live it

…then I really did it

I’ll be in the crowd for the day we visit

When she gave me …I can senses

I’ll be pull the strings like I’m Jimmy Herrings

…with no damn sister…

When the time come you gonna be the greatest

But my old bitch looking like the …

I got this drink all over my … smoking all that …

And my old school when I’m whipping

…and I’m zipping

Got me keeping trilling with my old school here

And I couldn’t change if I try to

And I can shade and get the bitch …

It’s when the nigga telling the truth and you don’t mind to

But if you really push me I’m load it …come to find you

…but I’mma young nigga …

Got a bad bitch like my friend

Try to roll and they popping

..ain’t nothing

…look around and they watching

..but I tell em never happen

Cuz I do my work on this behind scenes …

Nigga talk when I buy that actions

..and they pull me up with that codeine

Drinking I ain’t talking nigga

…when I’m coming down

Nigg fuck ‘em pay shit , no feel a shit

Don’t miss a damn, shot up

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