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Nikko Lafre - Guilty Of Dedication lyrics

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They use to laugh and now they set it on beat sound

But now the same niggas talkin’ ‘bout they need some

The hard times it ain’t no secret and boy I see some

So on from flexin’, and just sound that it means some

Way more, this life style is the shit I use to pray for

Just be a king it’s on what I’m working like a slave for

The same reason I was trying to sell some words for

To make a way for,

With few people that was with me before I make it a sak

Was bed when I was thuggin’, hip hop selling the packs

The mamma she was stressing, I told her mamma, we last

Cuz I’mma put you to the hills and much later that’s what she at

Well that’s a real shit

I took the 0 to one hundred nigga real quick

So fuck the label sound like myself but now I’m brillin’

They hit me i say this way until i’m real with

I make `em real sick cuz i’m gonna drop castle

And then pull up on `em how it look

Fast thing it’s from dirty money

It’s all equal from the books

It’s real shit, you gotta did that

But it’s for that rap shit, all money in

No need hustle you just in

Same niggas are frustrate

Come wrong and i come sit

Don’t talk much with the gun speed

The K is more week

Have a ticket and it’s five much

And I know I said I cut banz but fucked them I need five of `em

Fuck talk about it, I live it

It’s five six, I’m with it

Right thorw this holes, right in it

Skip this on me _____(?)

That thirty clip and I’m in this hit

Pull the trigger, I never miss

With the shy I’m glitter strice

So I take once with that milli banz like nothin

Young many nigga like bluffing

They ain’t fucking with me, they fucking

No funny shit but I touch it

These new niggas, can’t trust `em

Cuz Lord know they telling

My brother, man they feel it

Can’t come here, they selling

You can’t tell me shit

If it ain’t bout that grib

Cuz it’s more bout that check

You need a hundred milling, they say

Now put the shit on myself

And stay working, try to get on new text braking

Reminice some long nights and serving them to the crack ______(?)

Serving on this one with me

We know we shopping and get it straight

With new blances I banck three

That part of G si with my beat

Know that niggas are here from my day one

No cutting nigga will do on life,

A couple nigga will take one

If I say so

Got a hole life when you want more

Cuz that’s way feel that satisfy

That’s why I;’m telling vision

On their division is telling vice

Been slepted on and telling vice

Bee sleped way too long but I still believing that will come a time

Cuz pop sayin’ that I’ll be the greatest

And I swear you nigga, he never lie

And that’s why he stay patient

Start to rapping when I was in the basement

Now i am on my first tour and I thanks to God, that’s amazing

Got fanes from round the nation

And all say it was the best with it

Or will be a crime for dedication

And give me five I’m guitly, I’m guilty

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