Nikki Flores

Nikki Flores - Get You Outta My Heart

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{Verse 1}

It's time, your supposed to hear everything

Why am I so torn up inside

Just because I saw your face{oh yea}

Thought I was over you being everything

But here I am thinking I can say

I guess I wasn't that okay



I know it's over and done with you and me

Can this really be written as a tee

I tried and I cried and I let them go

Just to miss out


Baby it's not over

The thought of us

I thought enough but

Baby I'm not as tough as I thought I was

I thought I was (yea)

Baby I'm falling in love with someone else

Just because I would do anything, any how anyway baby

To get your outta my heart

(to get you outta my heart yea)

{Verse 2}

It's like I try...

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