Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful lyrics

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(Verse: Floor Jansen)

Come on, hop on, let's take a ride

Come and meet the travelers who came to town

They have the tale from the past to tell

From the creature between the stars

They are a special spec of dust

A fading omen down on earth

A celebration, a last haven of love


Lay on the field of green

When there's not a _____(?)

_________(?) reaching heart

Look at yourself in the eyes of island(?!)

_________(?) for me rendez-vous


Deep into the past, along the aeon path

Greener planes of grass

Where the endless forms most beautiful

The light of Helena

Before the tangier of Irah

A floating ______(?) barque

Where the endless forms most beautiful

(Verse 2)

Beyond eons we take a ride

Welcoming the shrewd that survived

To see the tick tally take the first walk

Witness the birds a-flight

Deep down in Pantalasa

Calliote finds her way

We return to the very first one

With one we'll soon become (?!)



(Guitar solo)


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