Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger 'served up pastries'

Nicole Scherzinger 'served up pastries'Nicole Scherzinger visited British bakery chain Greggs and devoured delicious pastries with delight.

The beautiful singer is mentor on X Factor and is Hannah Barrett’s protégé.

Hannah worked as a part-time employee in Greggs before joining The X Factor and on Tuesday she treated Nicole to a sausage roll at a London shop.

Nicole dressed up in an employee uniform during the visit, wrote the British newspaper The Sun.

'If she was serving in here every day, I'm sure profits would go through the roof,' a witness noted.

The American star has been spending most of her time in England for several years and she claimed she wanted to try one pastry from Greggs.

"Everyone talks about this Greggs and I haven't been. Everyone talks about the sausage rolls,' Nicole told Digital Spy.