Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger - Love Never Dies

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Love never falters, once it has spoken

Love is yours, once it has spoken

Love is yours

Who knows when love begins

Who knows when makes a stop

One day it’s simply there

Alive inside your heart

It slips into your heart, … soul, takes you by surprise

Then seizes full control

Try to deny it, try to protest

But love won’t let you go

Once you’ve been possessed

Love never dies, love never falters

Once it has spoken, love is yours

Love never fails, love never …

Hearts may get broken, love endures

Hearts may get broken love endures

Love never dies, love will …

Love it’s a meaning, when you’re broken

Love never dies, … is it …

Life maybe be … but love is all

Love is all.<br />

<br />

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