Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman - Who You Are

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I was certain that i knew You<br />

At the tender age of twelve<br />

You'd so often been described by those<br />

Who said they knew You well<br />

Dark and rugged in Your thirties<br />

With a smile as bright as Your robe<br />

Every teacher, every preacher<br />

With the very best intent<br />

Found new ways to hide the mystery<br />

Replaced by common sense<br />

And to know You was to keep You in my pocket<br />

So easy to hold<br />

I know I can't explain You<br />

I would not even try to<br />

And yet it's clear that You are here beside me<br />

I marvel and i wonder<br />

So near and somehow still so far<br />

What makes You who You are?<br />

It is easy to insist<br />

On what is packaged and precise<br />

And dismiss the clear suspicion<br />

That You're bigger than we'd like<br />

It is tempting to regard You as familiar<br />

In so many ways<br />

I've tried to draw these lines around You<br />

A definition or an absolute<br />

But i could not be satisfied with black or white<br />

There is so much more<br />

There is so much You

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