Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman - To Say Thanks

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Rolling river God<br />

Little stones are smooth<br />

Only once the water passes through<br />

So, I am a stone<br />

Rough and grainy still<br />

Trying to reconcile this river's chill<br />

But when I close my eyes<br />

And feel You rushing by<br />

I know that time brings change<br />

And change takes time<br />

And when the sunset comes<br />

My prayer would be this one<br />

That You might pick me up<br />

And notice that I am<br />

Just a little smoother in Your hand<br />

Sometimes raging wild<br />

Sometimes swollen high<br />

Never have I known this river dry<br />

The deepest part of You<br />

Is where I want to stay<br />

And feel the sharpest edges wash away

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