Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman - I Wish The Same For You

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If i tried to tell you<br />

If i tried to find a way<br />

To explain this freedom<br />

Of living underneath this grace<br />

Would it be absurd?<br />

Can a heart be heard?<br />

To think you might see<br />

A difference in me...<br />

And i wish the same for you<br />

Something to hold on to<br />

I wish the same for you<br />

A chance for love<br />

We are not so different<br />

Sons and daughters, you and i<br />

Facing walls of questions<br />

Fearing answers on the other side of eternity...<br />

And what the day will bring<br />

But i finally found<br />

The safe and the sound...<br />

To dance in the daylight<br />

And not see my shadow<br />

To run where I cannot hide<br />

In the open wide

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