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Bright are the stars that shine<br />

In somebody else's sky<br />

Green is the grass that grows<br />

Some place different<br />

<br />

More possibilities, more than you offer me<br />

More than i care to see, from a distance<br />

I was certain that the truth would be<br />

In a place that kept illuding me<br />

But every stone turned and unturned again<br />

Would only serve to prove<br />

I never had to move to find you<br />

<br />

Chorus:<br />

And you will always be<br />

The only love i'll ever know<br />

And you have made for me<br />

The only place i'll ever go<br />

<br />

God for the shameless pride<br />

In times when i rolled my eyes to laugh at simplicity<br />

Show me mercy<br />

Knowing what i know now<br />

It's hard to imagine how, i could feel anything<br />

But unworthy<br />

<br />

And the mystery of your love for me's<br />

Not as hidden as it seemed to be<br />

Should have known that when you said to me<br />

Seek and you will find<br />

You were right here all the time<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

<br />

I believe in the quest and the journey<br />

I believe that the answers come in time<br />

Where we begin is where we're alive<br />

<br />


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