Ni Ni

Ni Ni - Spacy Crazy Girl

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*I'm the spacy, I'm the crazy

I'm the spacy crazy girl

Let's go spacy, let's go crazy

I'm the spacy

Looking for you night and day!

When I fly in outer space

I see the universe coming to my face, oh yeah!

I can see the stars above

Are shining all so bright, I want you in my galaxy!

So nice being part of your fantasy

Here I go, baby, I'm in ecstasy

Flyin' to the world of make believe

I want you, boy, take me away!

**I am a spacy crazy girl

I'm flying all around the world

I am a spacy crazy girl

A funny spacy crazy girl

Spacy crazy girl

I'm chasing love around the world

I am a spacy crazy girl

A loving spacy crazy girl


Here I am, I'm just a girl

I'm looking out my ship surfing 'round for fun, oh yeah!

So watch out, you'd better do

Or I will kick you out to the wild, spacy atmosphere

Fly around going mad with my helmet on

In my dreams, I see you and me have fun

Come with me to a place with so much fun

Fly with me, boy, take me away!

**Repeat (x2)

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