Nexx Chapter

Nexx Chapter - $, Fans, Family lyrics

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Man, my life just ain't what I envisioned it would be

And I mean the positives as well as misery

Addicted to every thing exceptnicotine

Not even drugs, just any thing that gives me peace or an emotional release

I got so much stress coopedup, without a door to let it out

Try to accept what can't be changed but still this freburns

My conscience darkened and I fear there might be no return

It's hard to keep a faith these days cause I'm too lost, I ask too many questions

Why does evil ever prevail? Where is this lesson?

Patiently waiting, meanwhile I doubt my disc retion and wonder why life is so

Full of NO's, fuck all this congestion

Uh... unfair? unlucky? What you think it is?

That's why there's few concerns once you make it in the music biz

The only help to keep your sanity, to love and support you till death do you

Part... man that's money, fans, and family


Evil callin my name, yeah

I don't wanna fght it by myself

Some one, won't you come and save me?

Don't let hate embrace me

Turn these shad ows away

Man I'm startin to feel hated in my city...

These dudes are realizin they can't be me, and bitches won't forgive me

But why do y'all think I'm concerned with any thing but nothin?

Expept what I decided was ever worth sumtin...

When insignifcant is all it is, mistakenly judgmental, and mostly ignorant

To each is own, and I like to win

All about money, family, sex, substance, and substances

So what the problem is hoe?

Is it cause I'm fy, which is why I'm high?

Gravity defed, which is also why y'all cannot bring me down, wow

Hoes are just like objects, and I don't trip when I don't see her And when money rains, man I ain't tripp in either

Money, fans, and fam... I pledge my loyalty

I promise you brother, we'll be roy alty

Oh yeah I got this, and if you thought I'm not "it"

Don't get on your knees ex p e ctin me to fill your pockets


I can't hear you now

Silence flls my mind

One step closer to leavin this all behind

Won't be scared now, I'll be safe for tonight

I just gotta fight... Woah ooh


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