What to Listen to While Studying: 8 Best Study Playlists on Spotify and YouTube

What to Listen to While Studying: 8 Best Study Playlists on Spotify and YouTube

Long hours of studying can be exhausting, especially if all you hear is the tickling of the clock and paper shuffling. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for that. A good study playlist can make learning more enjoyable, improve your attention, and help you concentrate.

An important thing to remember is to choose the right type of music so that it doesn’t end up distracting you from your essay or book. How? This is what this article is for! Read on to find the eight best playlists for studying.

1. Creativity Boost

Another amazing study playlist from Spotify is Creativity Boost. If you struggle to come up with ideas for your project or essay, check out these innovative tracks to get your creativity flowing again.

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2. Deep Focus

Students love this playlist. Full of soothing tracks, this is one of the most popular picks on Spotify. You can listen to it to block unpleasant background noise or simply enjoy calming tunes for better focus and attention.

The Deep Focus playlist makes a good study companion with its incredible selection of ambient music. Besides, it gets constantly updated, so you don’t have to worry that it might get repetitive.

3. This Is Mozart

Classical music is, hands down, the most effective study booster. This Is Mozart is a playlist from Spotify that features the best works of the legendary composer. Relaxing and full of life, this playlist can do wonders for your motivation to study.

If you are aiming for deep focus, this playlist should be your top pick. Classical music stimulates your brain to help you tackle the assignments at hand. It is also known to reduce stress, improve retention, and sharpen your attention.

4. Gentle Rains

Not all people enjoy listening to actual music while learning. However, there are still many occasions when you need something to avoid outside noise, for example, when you’re studying at a busy cafe. The soothing sounds of rain are perfect for the task.

Spotify made a nine-hour playlist with white noise from rain. Research suggests that white noise is beneficial for cognitive performance in adults. Give Gentle Rains a listen, especially if you struggle to stay attentive and want to improve your focus.

5. Hans Zimmer | ULTIMATE Soundtrack Compilation Mix

If you’re a fan of Batman, Inception, and Pirates of the Caribbean or simply want to give your study sessions an epic cinematic feel, this playlist is for you! It features some of the most renowned works of Hans Zimmer that appeared in popular movies.

Although these soundtracks are rather powerful and dynamic, it’s easy to study while listening to them. They keep you concentrated and energized and help you get the work done.

6. Ambient Study Music To Concentrate – 4 Hours of Music for Studying, Concentration and Memory

If you’re looking for ways to improve your focus, listen to this playlist from Quiet Quest. It includes some inspiring instrumental music that is relaxing to have in the background when you’re reading or writing.

Studying with ambient music can help you stay focused to finish your homework or do your test prep. It relieves excessive stress and keeps your mind engaged, which increases your efficiency and productivity.

7. Ultimate Study Music Playlist

This is a playlist from productivity guru Thomas Frank. It is a real gem for students with nearly 300 tracks of a wide range of genres: from jazz and acoustic music to hip hop and trance.

You can definitely find something that matches your taste and even discover new music styles for yourself. The playlist gets updated on a regular basis and offers new tracks from popular culture, including anime, movies, and games.

8. Relaxing Bossa Nova & Jazz Music For Study - Smooth Jazz Music - Background Music

The chill and relaxing vibes of jazz music are perfect for study sessions. It’s upbeat and full of energy to keep you active but not too overwhelming. This is exactly what makes this playlist so popular among students.

Besides, if you ever feel down and need some extra motivation, check out the comments section. Hundreds of students offer a word of encouragement to lift your mood and help you complete your school assignments.

Final Thoughts

Give your study session a soundtrack with one of the selected playlists. A splash of fun can only increase your productivity. Music treats your brain with some dopamine, reduces stress, and helps you stay positive about learning.

Explore the variety of playlists together with us to make your study sessions more enjoyable! Regardless of your taste, you’ll surely find your ideal study music!