Video premiere: Bridgit Mendler 'This Is My Paradise'

Video premiere: Bridgit Mendler 'This Is My Paradise'Bridgit Mendler just released a new video This is My Paradise. Although it's already winter, Bridgit Mendler releases a music video with summer theme. In This Is My Paradise, the Disney star hit the beach with her friends while crooning I'm at home/Above all I got it by/Let the sun on my shoulder shine/We can run beneath this clear piece of sky.

This Is My Paradise is the soundtrack to upcoming film Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. The music video, which aired on Disney Channel, included some footage from the straight-to-DVD film which would be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting February 1, 2011 via Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Watch below the video premiere of Bridgit Mendler 'This Is My Paraside' :