Top 10 Awesome Songs on a Student's Playlist

Top 10 Awesome Songs on a Student's Playlist

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Spotify, Shazam, YouTube, and iTunes all have something in common. Can you guess? They are all music apps where you can find the best playlists of different genres and categories. Songs are universal, and everyone’s taste is different. What is soothing to you may drive your friend nuts. But some may help put you in the right frame of mind. They include the mind-booting effects of classical tunes, sounds of nature, melodies without lyrics, and more. The brain function reduces when you listen to a sound you don’t enjoy. It is challenging to focus and concentrate. As a result, experts recommend you choose sounds that make you happy and create a playlist of tunes. This article will explore popular student songs and how it affects learning.

Songs and Studies

Creating a special playlist for your studies will have a tremendous impact on you. Organizing your learning and working process will become only better with your favorite tunes. Moreover, they might even inspire you to do your work better. If you get some creative assignments, like writing an essay - use that inspiration to put the words on paper. Of course, if your studies require a lot of concentration, don’t mix work with pleasure. Turn the music off, or delegate more complex assignments. Ask to complete your literature review, and you will receive a perfectly written paper from a professional. Meanwhile, put one of the following tracks on and enjoy your life.

Top 10 Student Songs

Song comes down to personal preference. If it lets you block out your surroundings and concentrate more, try out this selection: enter image description here

1. School Daze by J. Cole

J. Cole’s School Daze is that song that will take you back to your school days. It is one of the best songs about education to play. J. Cole revisited the times when he was carefree and innocent in contrast to the difficult reality he faces – which is the reality of most students.

2. We Are Young by Fun. Ft Janelle Monae

We Are Young is the perfect song for encouraging yourself to pursue your college dreams and ambition relentlessly. The song received global acclaim for its catchiness and as a breakthrough in the indie genre. Its instrumentation consists of bass guitar, drums, synth bass, piano, horns, synths, electric guitar, and other brass. Be brave, live at the moment, and don’t be shy to seek a fresh start.

3. Better when I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor

Don’t think about it. Just move your body. If you feel better when you’re dancing, this is another song that should make your list. The tropical song was released as a soundtrack to the film The Peanuts Movie and is backed by instrumentation of salsa-inspired drums. It is about confidence and releasing your insecurities on the dance floor.

4. Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Despacito is a song about desiring a sexual relationship in a romantic and smooth way. But not many people cared, as the instrumental popularized Spanish-language pop tunes. Even students who don’t understand a word of the song grooved to the vibe and appeal, and you should do.

5. Roses by The Chainsmokers

Rose is a combination of future bass, trap, and electropop. The Chainsmokers' song has a tempo of 100 beats per minute in common time and is written in the key E major. As a result, it is catchy, refreshing, and accessible.

6. OK OK by HOKO

OK OK is another song you should listen to. The 2:19 minutes song has an alternative/indie genre and is inviting yet challenging. The sound is textured and a nice way to reminisce memories.

7. Until You Were Gone by Emily Warren, The Chainsmokers, and Tritonal

Until You Were Gone is about the burning desires of longing for lost love. The dance/electronic song has a catchy beat and intro, and Emily’s vocals make it one of the liveliest tracks in the E.P. Despite its energetic appeal, it is soothing and exciting at its highs.

8. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Three Little Birds is one of Marley’s most affectionate songs. The burning classic offers gladness and hope during life’s struggles because everything is going to be alright. It is a must-have for days when you’re feeling down and out.

9. Someone to You by Banners

Someone to You captures the feeling of being in love. The lyrics are relatable and simple without any fancy wordplay. Even if you’re not in love, the indie-pop track is uplifting and encourages you to keep going forward no matter what.

10. Jordan Belfort by Wes Walker and Dyl

Wes Walker and Dyl’s debut single is a song about the lifestyle of Jordan Belfort – the main character in the movie adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street. The song is clever and accurately depicts his lifestyle.

How Songs affects learning

Music has existed since the Stone Age. In 2009, archeologists discovered a 40,000 years flute carved from a vulture’s wing bone. Although we don’t know how far back songs date, the fact is that it benefits us collectively and individually. According to research, melodies improve our emotional, mental, and physical health. Below are the benefits of playing songs:

It affects the mind

Songs stimulate and engage the brain, and it can lead to better learning. It also has a positive effect on your ability to memorize. This explains why caregivers use it to build trust and calm dementia patients. Melodies change the brain. It triggers several neurochemicals like dopamine, cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin to improve your mind.

It affects the mood

Melodies help people to process their feelings. As a result, it has the power to alter moods. It lowers anxiety, helps with symptoms of depression, and decreases fatigue. It also boosts exercise performance and helps manage pain.


Listening to a song while studying sounds counterintuitive. But it is not. Our brain’s systems focus on conscious and unconscious things. This is why you can multitask perfectly. Songs improve your focus, boost your memory, and motivate you to study. It also helps you detach and escape realities, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves cognitive thoughts. Instead of sleep-inducing meds, try a song. On days when you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated, play a track. You’ll be surprised at the results.