The most popular used premium cars to buy

The most popular used premium cars to buy

If you have been dreaming of a premium car for a long time, but kept putting off the purchase because of the high price, it is time to pay attention to used cars. Cars from the premium segment have an increased resource, are made with the highest quality materials, so even on the secondary market you can become the owner of a car in perfect technical condition.

It can be a car from Belgium, Korea or the USA. You can read more about secondary markets in special reviews.

Learn about the most popular premium cars in our mini-rating.

Top 5: the most popular used cars from the premium segment

Our top premium cars in the aftermarket:

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Tesla Model S
  • Lexus RX


Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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One of the best-selling models from the German auto giant. Recently, the love of buyers more and more often goes to crossovers, but the manufacturers do not lose enthusiasm and believe that their sedan will not lose its popularity.

When developing the exterior, the designers were inspired by the look of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The interior of the car is packed with a large number of advanced technologies that make it a leader among the most serious competitors.

In many ways, it is an S-Class sports sedan, which, however, costs much less. It is impossible to refuse such a luxurious offer. It has all the advantages that are inherent in the S-Class, but in a more affordable version.

The fifth generation of the car is still luxurious, but there are even more features in it. The taillights feature design elements that are common to its big brothers, the E and S-Class. Despite very similar shapes and seemingly common elements, the C-Class has a distinct personality.

The sedan looks very progressive and even when standing still, the car seems to be moving forward. The car's elegance is enhanced by the signature grille and LED taillights. Despite its impressive dimensions, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class looks compact.

As an option,you can consider buying a Mercedes from Korea.

Porsche Cayenne

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One of the features of the model is the matrix headlights, which can be installed at an additional cost. Each of them consists of 32 thousand pixels. You can recognize this car, thanks to its expressive and original appearance, from afar. The latest update of the Cayenne is one of the most extensive, and its goal is to create a sustainable competition until the company launches an all-electric car.

In the interior, a lot has been transferred from the Taycan electric car. The interior is adorned with a 12.7-inch digital dashboard. There is a 12.3-inch display on the front panel, and a 10.9-inch monitor for the front passenger is available as an option.

One of four gasoline engines can be used as a powertrain. The most powerful version is 474 hp. There is a hybrid version - an electric motor with 177 hp and a gasoline engine with 470 hp.

Toyota Land Cruiser

enter image description here The Land Cruiser impresses with its memorable design of the front bumper, black wheel arches, huge brand logo on the original radiator grille. All this is not only impressive, but also emphasizes the character of the owner.

In the interior, every detail gives away the car's character, including the series logos on the headrests and steering wheel, and the special seat upholstery. The car is full of innovations from Toyota. It is reliably protected from big cold weather - for this purpose there is a system of electric heating of washer nozzles, rear view mirror and windshield, steering wheel, front and rear seats, additional air ducts for air distribution to the second row passengers.

Toyota Safety Sense ensures that you drive with the highest level of safety. This is ensured by the front collision warning system, Intelligent Dynamic Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Cross Traffic Markings, High Beam Auto Shift and Driver Fatigue Monitoring.

Tesla Model S

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The production of the series began in the spring of 2012. The exterior of the car was constantly changing, becoming more and more modern over time. Bi-xenon headlights were replaced by LED headlights, and for the interior trim the manufacturer now uses other, more modern and high-quality materials.

The Tesla Model S is available in Standard, Long Range, and Performance trim levels. As a power plant is used an electric motor with a capacity from 382 to 762 hp, and the battery capacity is enough to drive 643 km. The top speed is limited to 250 km/h, and the car is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.7-3.8 seconds. The car has a low coefficient of aerodynamic resistance, thanks to which even at high speed passengers feel comfortable.

Updates that were made in 2022 touched fog lights - they disappeared from the front bumper, chrome decor - was replaced by dark and wheel rims, which got a new design. The center display became 17-inch, and 8-inch monitors were installed for passengers in the rear seats.

Lexus RX

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Your attention deserves a hybrid car Lexus RX, which as always distinguishes stylish design, a lot of innovations, unrivaled functionality and safety level. The car is available in four versions and three of them are hybrid.

In terms of styling, the new version is similar to its predecessor. It has a massive front overhang, a silhouette with a drooping roof and a recognizable glazing line, headlights with running lights. At a quick look, it may seem that the predecessor and the new model do not differ at all, but it is not so - they do not have a single common detail.

In the new version of Lexus RX, the hood and fenders are made of aluminum, and in general, the design uses a large number of high-strength steels, for example, the center pillar uses a very strong steel plate. Despite the improved strength characteristics, the car weighs as much as 90 kilograms less.

There are many innovations in the interior. For example, the driver can adjust the position of his seat at the touch of a button. The steering column is also automatically adjusted. Comfort in the cabin is provided by a dual-zone climate control system, and the multimedia system is equipped with 15 speakers.