Reasons Why You Might Want to Learn to Play the Trumpet

Reasons Why You Might Want to Learn to Play the Trumpet

If you've ever dreamt of being the lead trumpet in your school's marching band or forming an impromptu brass ensemble with your friends, this blog post is for you. Whether you play the trumpet or not, this post will show you some of the many reasons why learning how to play the trumpet is a valuable skill to learn.

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There Is A Vast Amount Of Information Available

When it comes to learning a popular instrument like the trumpet, there is an abundance of online and offline information. This includes YouTube videos teaching you how to play your first solo, to the trumpet solo sheet music that you will need to play said solos! You will be able to choose how and when to learn and which genre you want to become proficient in.

Maintaining Them Is Fairly Simple

If regular maintenance and cleaning are performed on the trumpet, its quality will last for a long time. Clean the mouthpiece once a week and lubricate the valves once or twice a week to prevent bacteria from building up inside the trumpet. The mouthpieces should be cleaned with warm soapy water using a towel on the exterior and a mouthpiece brush on the interior until they are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, every six months, the trumpet should be immersed in warm water and cleaned carefully. If you follow these simple steps, you will find your trumpet in fantastic condition for many years and possibly a lifetime.

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Several Possible Goals To Strive For

Because there are so many distinct genres of music played on trumpets, composers and players have created unique strategies to get the sounds they desire. While these skills will develop with practice, they are an exciting objective that many trumpet players want to achieve one day. The following are some of the most common techniques you can learn over time:
Flutter Tonguing

They Are Relatively Affordable

A beginner trumpet can cost anywhere in the region from $400 to $1500. Although this may look like a significant upfront investment, you have to consider that they are made of solid metal and should last you a lifetime. Furthermore, they don't require many add ons aside from a case. When you look at instruments like an electric guitar, these can be reasonably cheap to buy. Still, you need to invest in the peripherals like an amplifier, cabling, and a raft of other paraphernalia to get the most out of it.

The Sound Of The Trumpet Is Iconic

Trumpets are one of the most iconic instruments used in orchestras across the world. They are also an instrument that produces a sound that is popular throughout many musical genres. The powerful sound produced by trumpets has led to them being seen as symbols of power, courage. However, they are also the sound of jazz, festivities, and celebration. The bright brassy tone of the trumpet may be heard in a wide range of musical genres, from pop tunes to big feature blockbusters. This gives you a wide range of options to play your instrument professionally in an orchestra or with your friends as part of a dance hall group!

There Are Only Three Keys (But Unlimited Ways To Play Them)

The trumpet is an instrument that is relatively easy to learn. The three keys are all that it takes to play the instrument. In contrast, this type of instrument falls into the category of tools that take a month to learn but a lifetime to master. Nevertheless, this is also what makes it such an enjoyable device to play. You can jam on your own, play along to a classical composition or learn to play the favorites from Louis Armstrong.

There Are Often Good Parts For Trumpets In Songs

Further to the last point, trumpeters often get a lot of great parts in music. As a result, the trumpet's lively sound is often quite recognizable and widely known. The melody that a trumpet provides is most commonly associated with carrying the melody in march-style songs, frequently having a bright and energetic sound. You will find your friends jiving along when you break out the trumpet at a party and start to play some famous tunes.

It's Good For Your Brain And Health

Learning an instrument is good for your health because it improves your motor skills, cognitive functions and helps to lower blood pressure. The process of learning an instrument can instill discipline, self-control, and self-esteem that is essential in preventing mental health problems. These benefits are true for most devices, including the trumpet. Furthermore, an instrument that uses your breath will inevitably help you to boost your lung capacity over time.

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It Is A Great Way To Relieve Stress

Music has been proven to improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity. Music not only improves your emotional state but can also help you stay active by exercising more, especially if you are the sort of person who enthusiastically plays their trumpet!

There Is A Fantastic Community

The music industry is one of the most popular arts in the United States. The music industry consists of many different genres, associations, and artists. Individuals in the music community constantly collaborate to share their work with other people to increase their fanbase. The trumpet community is no different and, in fact, has one of the largest communities among musicians. You will become part of an extraordinary club full of like-minded musicians by learning how to play this instrument.

It Is An Esteemed Instrument

The trumpet is one of the most prestigious instruments in the classical orchestra. The trumpet's flexible tone allows it to produce a wide range of sounds. These include natural and unnatural pitches, soft and loud sounds, complex harmonies, and virtuosic passages. The trumpet is also associated with a variety of solo performances that require high dexterity in addition to technical prowess. It has been associated with power throughout history, from the horns that sounded the march of war to marching bands associated with organizations large and small.

If you've been questioning whether or not you want to learn how to play the trumpet, hopefully, this list has been helpful. In general, the trumpet is a fantastic instrument to play. Learning to play the trumpet is a great way to improve your breathing, articulation, range, stamina, endurance, and musicianship. It's a very versatile instrument as well as a very fun one.