Music as a creative way of expression for young people studying in college

Music as a creative way of expression for young people studying in college

Music plays a vital role in our lives, even though it’s not necessary for survival. This type of art has an exceptional importance for most of us. Why does something so abstract as music is loved so much? Let’s discuss it from a psychological point of view.

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Music and brain functioning

Neuropsychologists say that our brains love patterns as recognising them is a skill that helped us survive and evolve. Undoubtedly, music is a pattern itself! As we listen to it, we are constantly anticipating what melodies and rhythms may come next.

According to numerous studies, the human brain releases dopamine when we hear musical patterns. In its turn, this chemical makes us happy. By the way, an experiment led by Zatorre proved that the biggest amounts of dopamine are released during an emotional peak in the soundtrack. It makes us feel so-called “chills”— pleasant sensations. Music engages the brain reward system, affecting us the way that we feel awe.

Another neuropsychological explanation of why we love music is because it makes us excited. When we hear a soundtrack, its rhythm latches onto us. This biological process is called entrainment. For example, if the music has a fast pace, our heartbeats and breathing patterns start accelerating to match the beats. This nervous system arousal is interpreted by our brains as excitement. It’s important to note that the levels of entrainment increase if the music sounds pleasant to us.

Music in life of students

Many students don’t imagine their life without music. It adds positive emotions to their hard college life, making it brighter. Some young people play musical instruments in their free time, while others simply listen to favorite soundtracks on their way to campus or while studying.

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How to express yourself with the help of music

Music has an ability to empower self-expression. You must know that feeling when words just aren't enough, so music comes in. How to use it in order to express what you feel deep inside? Let's find out!

Write everything down

Even if music is not your field of study in college, you must have a basic understanding of the way a song is written. The typical format used for songs is: Verse 1 / Chorus / Verse 2 / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus. However, there are some variations to this approach. Sometimes, songs start with the chorus, which sounds pretty nice too.

You can benefit a lot from structuring your diary into a song. It can help you lay out both uncomfortable and positive emotions in a creative way. For some people writing is much easier than saying things out loud. If it is fair for you, why not express yourself this way? Besides, you may be pleasantly surprised by the final result of your writing.

Keep listening

Today, there are so many styles and singers to listen to, so you can easily pick something that moves you. Choose bands and soundtracks that speak to you and try to understand what makes them special. Maybe it's a structure, notes or some parts? By doing this, you can learn ways of expressing yourself in music. Most importantly, just keep listening to different types of music!

Take music lessons

To express yourself through music, you may want to take lessons from professionals. Decide on the instrument or type of singing you enjoy most and find someone who could help you express yourself through them. If you are a complete beginner, a guitar or piano would be a great option for you. Note that it's better to take music lessons on a regular basis, without skipping them. It's better to study at least once a week in order to create your own expressive performances.

Final thoughts

Music has become an integral part of our lives. It changes the way we perceive the world around us and helps us express our personality. Hopefully, this article inspired you to listen to your favorite bands more, try to write a song or even take music lessons. Believe it or not, all this can make your life much better!

Author’s BIO

Percy J. Bunnell is a teacher of Music and song writer. She creates lyrics for popular American and Australian singers. Percy believes that music is one of the best ways to express oneself, so he encourages people around him to have more music-related activities in their life.