Most Successful BGT Winners and What are they Doing Right Now

Most Successful BGT Winners and What are they Doing Right Now

Britain’s Got Talent, more commonly known as BGT, is one of the premier talent shows in the world right now, and has been the source of inspiration for a number of other countries.

Indeed, one of the major reasons why the show and its format has continued to enjoy a huge amount of success is because it gives people the chance to change their lives by showcasing the talent that they have.

As a result, we have seen a number of winners able to be incredibly successful as they have found fame doing a variety of different things. In this article, we will take a look at who the most successful BGT winners are, and what they are currently doing with their lives after finding fame while competing on the show.

Paul Potts (2007)

The first-ever winner of BGT in 2007, Paul Potts went on to achieve a huge amount of success in the years that had followed. He had his debut album go double platinum as he saw it climb to No. 1 in the charts of nine different countries!

Potts continues to release music, as he has since launched four more albums since his win 15 years ago.

Diversity (2009)

Now, 2009 looked to be the year that Susan Boyle would win the competition as she shocked the world with her incredible singing voice, however she would also be shocked as she did not win the competition.

That honor went to the dance group Diversity in a final that has gone down in history as one of the most-watched. Indeed, the 2009 winners have been able to achieve huge success after claiming the win, as they have managed to do a lot since.

For instance, Diversity has continued to enjoy nationwide tours where they have headlined certain events, while individuals including Ashley Banjo and Perri Kiely have both appeared on various TV shows and radio shows.

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Ashleigh & Pudsey (2012)

2014 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey are perhaps one of the more memorable winners of BGT, as it featured an incredible double-act that pulled at the heartstrings of the judges and the viewers alike.

Of course, there had been other dog acts to have appeared, while it could be argued that these two had been a source of inspiration in following years for other acts to try and compete, however there was something special with this duo.

Unfortunately, Pudsey died in 2017, but not before a film was made about them as well as making appearances at other events and shows up and down the country, including at the prestigious Crufts event in 2016; Pudsey’s last ever appearance.

Lost Voice Guy (2018)

Many will remember Lost Voice Guy’s win at the 2018 edition of Britain’s Got Talent competition, and it seems everyone’s favorite comedian has been able to ride the waves of success that have followed since that win.

He has toured the country with a show that he managed to create, including the Cerebral LOL-sy UK tour that he is currently on, while also having launched a book. As we know, the winner gets to perform at the Royal Variety Performance, but Lost Voice Guy has also been able to land spots on TV, including his own Christmas comedy special on the same channel that launched his newfound fame.

Final Thoughts

While there have been a number of winners, including Axel Blake in this year’s 2022 BGT show recently, the four mentioned above have to be considered to be the most memorable winners. Some have been able to enjoy a huge amount of success in varying forms, while each of them appear to be keeping busy with the talent that got them noticed.

Will we see more BGT winners - and finalists - be as successful as these acts in the future? Only time will tell, but there is every chance we will provide the show continues to remain as popular as ever.