How to Fix Typical Mistakes AI Essay Writers Make

How to Fix Typical Mistakes AI Essay Writers Make

You will probably agree that artificial intelligence is changing the way we treat essay writing. However, many users have noticed the weak sides, and they can cause big problems. For example, being convinced that AI can write your essay perfectly is a common misconception most students get.

The drawbacks may not be noticed right away by a non-professional writer, but if you dive deeper, many mistakes will show up. These mistakes free essay writer make can range from simple grammar and syntax errors to a lack of coherence and poor structure. But the worst is that they can cause much more serious issues that could even get you expelled from college.

Want to stay aware of what mistakes AI is prone to so you can easily spot them the next time? Let’s discuss the worst and the most common ones. Also, you can check the suggestions on how to correct them to actually present a decent work. enter image description here

Mistake 1: Syntax and Grammar Errors

Even though it seems like AI is perfect when it comes to such issues as grammar and syntax, it can still glitch at times. Algorithms simply mess up the sentence structure and even disregard academic English grammar rules. You might also notice awkward phrasing and the wrong usage of some words.


The solution in this situation is to always remember to proofread your work. While this is a must-do, it’s still not going to guarantee you the perfect error-free text. Usually, even when proofreading, we miss important aspects that can cost you points. That’s why don’t only rely on yourself but ask someone else to look through your paper.

Also, use popular tools to correct all those minor grammar mistakes. For example, install the Grammarly extension to automatically show you what should be corrected. On the other hand, Hemingway Editor could help you simplify sentence structure. You can also use AI writing apps that already have in-built grammar checkers.

Mistake 2: Lack of Coherence and Structure

Coherence and logical structure are especially required in essays if you want to receive a high grade. There should be a clear connection between the ideas you present, and the structure helps organize those ideas. This is a significant part because your paper can’t just be a mix of random lines. This issue leads to the reader’s confusion and makes it hard to understand the concepts described in the text.


Be clear with your prompt about what structure you need. Mind-mapping apps are amazing too. They could give you an open space to outline and plan the essay’s structure.

Think of the structure in advance and then give proper instructions to AI. In case you have trouble defining the structure and are not sure how to fix incoherence, you could ask a trusted essay writing service to rewrite the text in a new light. Fixing this issue could add up a lot to your final grade.

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Mistake 3: Poor Contextual Understanding

AI doesn’t have the ability to think in the way a human does, so contextual understanding can be limited. Certain controversial topics or the latest events can be misunderstood or dismissed by AI.


Research the topic first. Once you get a grasp of it, you’ll find it easier to explain the same to your AI helper. Pick as many relevant and credible sources as you can find and give more hints to the AI writer about the context when needed.

Mistake 4: Questionable Originality and Creativity

The worst issue that could ever be with AI is the lack of originality. It can produce content that seems logical and informative, but if it’s mostly plagiarized, there is no point in using it.

Sometimes it comes up with too generic content, depending on the topic you ask for. It happens because AI has certain algorithms that have a large part of the content previously written. And the tool generates an essay for you based on that information. Moreover, AI still lacks human creativity, and the texts it writes can be bland.

Suppose you check your document and realize that it’s half or even eighty percent plagiarized. You may get anxious about this issue and ask yourself, “But how do I write my essay using AI and still make it original?” There are a few things you can do.


First of all, check the output text with the newest AI detectors. And not just one but at least two to get more objective results.

Give preference to the tools that utilize natural language processing algorithms as they are more likely to generate unique content.

Another thing is to add more details to your prompt to make it less generic and more personalized.

And while editing the work, make sure to add something interesting from yourself. Use idioms or different sentence structures to add a touch of your creativity.
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Mistake 5: No Personal Touch

With AI-generating tools, it’s obvious that you will not receive an essay with a personal voice and human narrative. Unlike the Best Paper Writing Services that can tailor the text to your style, AI usually makes all essays sound robotic. This is a bitter pill to swallow since it’s easy for professors to notice the difference in tone when evaluating your work.


You can’t prevent this problem by using extra tools or changing the directions you give to AI. At this point, there’s no way around it: you have to edit the text thoroughly to add your unique touch to it and make it sound human. Or you can ask human professionals to do it for you.


There’s hardly a student who hasn’t thought about using AI for writing at least once. But you need to be aware of its limitations too. If you know the typical mistakes and understand how to solve them, you will be able to submit an essay worth a high grade. Remember the solutions mentioned above and use them in your everyday life to write quality papers.