Have A Dream Of Becoming A Music Artist? Here's How To Get Your Music Out

Have A Dream Of Becoming A Music Artist? Here's How To Get Your Music Out

Do you have a dream of becoming the next Justin Bieber or Katy Perry? If so, you need to start focusing on your music. What is the first step in achieving that goal? Getting your music out there! There are many ways through which upcoming artists can get their music heard by others. This article will discuss some of those different methods and how to utilize them for success.

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1. Create a Demo

A demo is like a mini-album. It should be able to showcase your creativity and sound as an artist. If you're unsure what kind of style or genre you want to work in, start with this option!

Getting a demo made can take time, though, so do make sure that it isn't the only thing on your plate. An excellent place to get demos done is at universities with recording facilities available for students interested in audio production courses.

2. Get your music on iTunes and Spotify

Getting your music on Spotify and iTunes is one of the most important things for a musician. Without this, you are not being recognized by people who listen to music through these services.

Doing this is pretty simple: you can sign up for an account on iTunes and submit your album there. For Spotify, you'll have to find someone who is already an artist and get them to add your music as a "collaboration." The good thing about using this music distribution strategy is that while many people do not listen to the radios anymore (except in some countries), they are likely listening through these services. To maximize its success, it would be better if you could promote both of these platforms at once - contacting radio stations with playlists from Spotify or iTunes so that listeners might hear one song from your album while also viewing another piece on their list.

3. Find an Agent

When it comes to the distribution of your music, you have a variety of options. One option is to find an agent that can work on your behalf and distribute your music for you.

An excellent place to start would be finding out which agencies represent the genre in which you're performing or looking for new artists who perform within it.

4. Make connections with other artists

Other artists in the game are an excellent resource for networking. When you're looking to promote your music, start by reaching out on social media and emailing other artists with similar fan bases or genres who have had successful releases in the past year or so.

If there's one thing they'll likely be interested in, it's helping someone reach their goals! It can feel like everyone is after them when things are going well, but if you make sure to offer help instead of asking for it, people will want what’s best for you.

5. Get your music out there by performing live or submitting to festivals and contests

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Live performances are a great way of getting your music out there. If you are starting, it is a good idea to perform at as many open mic nights or competitions that you can find to hone and polish your skills. It will take time before people recognize who you are, but the more performances that you do, the greater chance there is for someone with influence to hear about you.

The other option would be submitting your songs to various festivals and contests such as The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, which has over $60,000 worth of prizes up for grabs; Music Video Awards, which have an incredible prize pool of over $200K; among others! As crucial as entering these contests/festivals is creating the best music you can produce.

It's not always easy to get your music out there for people to hear. There are many options you can use, and it was difficult narrowing down our list of the top ten ways that we thought would be most effective at getting your song into as many ears as possible. The trick is finding what works best for you.