Best Music That Improves Concentration for Students

What Is the Best Music for Studying & Why?

It’s a well-known fact that music can improve concentration and productivity. For students, it can serve as a great bonus for their learning process! In any case, music is very important for any person. Your favorite tracks can improve your mood, help you reflect on some things, and generally make your life better. What’s not to like about music?

In recent years, scientists have studied different ways how our brains react to sounds. This created a whole niche of research that connects music and studying. It’s one thing to listen to your favorite tracks while doing homework and a whole other thing to actually improve your performance with the help of an appropriate musical genre!

Of course, you can’t just miss out on classes, ignore your homework, and hope that some songs will magically improve everything. Students still need to put a lot of effort into their learning process! Don’t be afraid to use some online essay help, for example, writing essay service by EssayHub, when you have too much on your plate. Experts will gladly help you out with any assignment! Credit:

So, are you ready to improve your productivity with minimal effort and actually enjoy doing it? Read on to learn more about the best types of music for studying!

Benefits of listening to music while learning

First of all, let’s talk about the scientific explanation of why a combination of sounds and words makes people feel different emotions. Think of music as a workout for your head that doesn’t actually overload it! Different parts of your brain actively respond to listening to some melodies, even though you are doing nothing on the outside.

Here are some advantages of music that are especially great for students:

  • it can reduce anxiety and stress levels;
  • it helps with concentration;
  • it improves sleep quality;
  • you can feel less physical pain because of the endorphins;
  • your mood will improve;
  • your physical and mental workouts will be more effective.

Best types of music for studying

Now it’s quite obvious that melodies can have a great positive effect on your learning process. Of course, every person has their own favorite songs for any occasion. At the same time, there are some genres that are scientifically proven to improve your productivity and attention to detail! You don’t even have to concentrate on what’s playing in the background.

Classical music

This should be your first choice when creating a playlist for your learning sessions. Many studies demonstrate that students who listen to classical music in the background perform better on their tests! It’s also pretty epic to blast Mozart or Bach and do your homework at the same time. There is just something about classical compositions that makes you focus!

Here are a couple of advantages of combining a classical concert and your studying:

  • your cognitive functioning will improve;
  • IQ scores will rise;
  • your mind will be clearer;
  • you will do better on your future tests;
  • both sides of the brain will be engaged (creative and logical).

Songs without any lyrics

Instrumental tunes are proven to help improve memory. Scientists explain that songs without any words in them don’t overwhelm your brain. There is no need to break down and follow the words, so this opens up some capacity for your mind to improve your performance! In other words, you will be more focused on your tasks.

Not all popular songs have instrumental versions. The internet already has a solution for this issue! There are hundreds of YouTube videos with calming tracks from video games and movies. These tunes are designed specifically for improving focus. It’s better if you have a video game in mind with an amazing soundtrack because you will know the music and enjoy it more.

Ambiance and sounds of nature

This is pretty similar to meditation and video games soundtracks, but with more focus on the sounds of rain, wind, birds, ocean, and so on. There are some YouTube channels that provide 10-hour videos with very specific parameters like waterfall sounds with no birdsong or rain with thunder. Some students might even sleep better with this playlist in the background! Credit:

Meditation playlists

This is an amazing choice for those learners who have a spiritual side to them. Most meditation songs are created with the purpose of calming your brain, organizing your thoughts, and reducing stress in general. So why not use it for studying? There are some apps that offer free playlists with some meditation routines. You will quickly notice that your test scores improve!

Your chosen playlist

If you are one of those lucky people who are not distracted by loud music with lyrics, you can create your own unique set of tracks. Students can use it for everything from working out to cleaning their house. Your energy levels will be off the charts, your spirits will be lifted, and all homework assignments will be completed!


So there you have it, the best types of music to listen to while studying. Of course, the most important task of any melody is to make you feel good, so don’t force anything! Some people just don’t like Mozart, and no amount of scientific proof will change their minds. You should try out different playlists and find out what fits your learning routine!