7 Popular Music Courses That Are Actually Worth It

7 Popular Music Courses That Are Actually Worth It

Music education has become accessible like never before. With a variety of online courses, any aspiring musician gets a chance to learn from industry experts. You can pick up any specialization, from music theory and production to songwriting and playing various musical instruments. Yet, the wide range of choices might seem almost overwhelming, especially if you’re only starting out. To help you pick the right course that is worthy of your time and effort, here are the seven best music courses online.

1. How to Write Your First

Where: Class Central
Cost: Free
Offered by: The University of Sheffield

If you are interested in songwriting, Class Central has a course that will help you create your first song. It explains music composition and teaches things like chord progressions and melody.

It might be challenging to motivate yourself to study as a full-time student. You probably have got a lot on your plate with all the school projects and papers to write. However, if studying music is your dream, EssayService, an academic writing service for students, can help you find time to pursue it. Simply delegate some of your tasks to professional writers and dive into songwriting or other preferred music courses.

2. Fundamentals of Music Theory

Where: Coursera
Cost: Free
Offered by: The University of Edinburgh

Coursera has a wide selection of music courses for everyone. There are both quick solutions that take a few hours to complete and fundamental months-long courses. All of them are provided by the world’s top universities to ensure quality instruction.

Fundamentals of Music Theory is among the most popular music courses on the platform. It explains the basic theory and teaches you to understand and analyze music. The course instructors cover the fundamentals like pitch, intervals, rhythm, harmony, and many other concepts in a beginner-friendly manner.

3. Complete Guitar Lessons System - Beginner to Advanced

Where: Complete Guitar Lessons System - Beginner to Advanced
Cost: $84.99

Complete Guitar Lessons System is a huge Udemy bestseller with more than 252,000 students. The course is authored by Erich Andreas, a famous guitar instructor with nearly 30 years of teaching experience.

A massive benefit of the course is that it is an all-in-one solution. It will guide you through everything you need to know to play the guitar. You’ll learn some theory, master cords, and have plenty of practical exercises. The course includes 306 lectures and extra PDF resources that build your basics and help you grow from a beginner to an advanced guitarist.

4. Learn Jazz Piano: Begin with the Blues

Where: FutureLearn
Cost: $39/month
Offered by: Goldsmiths, University of London

The course is authored by renowned jazz pianist and educator Ray d’Inverno. It allows you to discover the nature of jazz and blues and the art of piano improvisation.

What does the course cover? It takes an in-depth approach to piano improvisation. You will learn about the types of jazz, moving on to the elements of jazz and blues, various improvisation routes, and scales. The course also allows you to practice with playalongs.

5. Art of Mixing

Where: Berklee Online
Cost: $1,265 (non-credit tuition)

Berklee Online offers a selection of non-degree courses provided by renowned musicians and other industry experts. They teach at Berklee College of Music, but you can learn from them by simply enrolling in an online course.

One of the popular music courses on the platform is Art of Mixing. It is designed for intermediate and advanced students who want to learn the steps of the mixing process. The course includes 12 lessons that cover everything from the mix setup to various techniques (equalization, automation, vocal, drum, and instrumental mixing).

6. How to Sing

Where: The Great Courses
Cost: $69.95

Dawn Pierce, AD of Ithaca College, proves that anyone can learn how to sing. In her course, she teaches students how to find their singing voice and master strong vocal techniques to tackle their favorite songs.

The course includes 24 lessons packed with fun and effective exercises. You learn how to enrich your vocal expression. Regardless of the style of music you prefer, How to Sing offers universal signing techniques that can be applied to pop, folk, classical, or any other type of music.

7. Introduction to Ableton Live

Where: Domestika
Cost: $12.99

If you’re interested in music production, you can learn how to use top software on Domestika. The platform provides a course, Introduction to Ableton Live. Its instructor Cristóbal Saavedra is a music producer and sound designer also known as Equipo.

The course includes five parts, each focused on various stages of music production. In total, you get unlimited access to 42 lessons and the same number of downloads.

The Bottom Line

There’s no limit to music courses you can pursue to follow your aspirations in the industry. Any music specialization is available in the form of effective, self-paced courses that you can attend from home. They provide you with insights from industry experts, career advancement opportunities, and a chance to build your skills. Music education is exactly what you need to grow as a musician and stand out in this competitive industry.