6 Degrees That Will Help You Become Successful In Music Industry

6 Degrees That Will Help You Become Successful In Music Industry

Music is definitely about passion but it’s also a technical skill if you want to pursue this as a career. You could opt to just form a band and perform locally until you pick up enough traction for a major record label to sign you but that is a risky route. Not many people have made it that way. Luckily, pursuing a music degree guarantees a much higher rate of success. Here are some of the best degrees for you to consider. enter image description here

1. Audio Engineering

Singing and playing instruments is only one part of creating a record-breaking album. The other big component is audio engineering. This involves managing the recording in such a way that the listener gets the best audio quality. It involves managing acoustics, microphone selection and placement, mixing, recording technique, and many other processes. These are all things that the audio engineer does.

2. Sound Design

Games, cartoons, animations, and videos, along with other kinds of media also need sound. The sounds of doors, kicks, cars and other sound effects all fall under the category of sound design. You can easily learn more about how sound design is as a career. These professionals spend time testing and exploring new sounds and finding the perfect sound effect for the project they are working on.

3. Music Composition

Great musicians are great at playing their instrument but they aren’t always the people who have come up with the song or the melody. This is the job of a music composer who usually writes songs, develops melodies and scores, and even creates soundtracks for movies and commercials. If this sounds like something you want to do then a degree in music composition will be extremely helpful.

4. Music Therapy

Music has the power to move you in a way that nothing else can. There is no doubt that music can be extremely therapeutic. If you want to help improve the lives of other people through music then a degree in music therapy is right for you. It can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and is a form of treatment that is getting extremely popular.

5. Music Education

If you are really serious about music your best option is to formally learn the instrument or the specific area of music you’re interested in. Music education degrees are for people who are interested in becoming music instructors, orchestra directors, or even private trainers. With this degree, you will also need to get a teaching certificate to start teaching other people professionally.

6. Music Performance

Music performance is the degree you want to go for if you have a strong love for playing instruments. During the degree, you will need to focus on a particular instrument or family of instruments. The aim is to master every little detail about the instrument and to be a technically sound player of it. This is usually what studio performers and orchestra players pursue.

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The world of music and sound is a very diverse place. Music production itself is a complicated process and all the different steps are specializations you could do. Depending on what you are most comfortable with, what your interests are and what your career goals are, different degrees could work. These are some of the most common degrees that people choose as they give you the most exposure and qualify you as a real professional musician.