News - Why we think Bad Man will be a smash

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Pitbull teams up with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker and launches this party boat called Bad Man.

We recently bumped into a website called irkitated, where this former blogger, well read and highly interested in Pitbull's work (although in a negative manner), explains why he ultimately got to name our favorite artist "Shitbull", and why his/her "favourite part of a Pitbull song is the start, because that's the part where I change the radio station".

Untrue as these remarks are, we find them funny as hell, entertaining, and hell, you gotta admire hard work, even if it's the work you do trying to destroy somebody.

If you've already read the article we've hiperlinked two paragraphs up, then here are some of the reasons we think Pitbull, in general, and Bad Man, in particular, will always be a smash.

1) Inadequate musical ethics imposed People aren't all looking for classical music. Nobody's breaking China glasses when singing party smashers. It's... a party smasher... not a China smasher. Try to impose some rock music at a funeral by saying 'they're ruining the vibes for the living by playing these melancholic tunes'. Of course they are, man! It's a funeral. Analogy shift -> it's a party! Be a Bad Man!

2) The lyrics aren't fit for geniuses, but they're not supposed to! Great for people that know a bit of Spanish, a bit of English, and want to understand both. Great for pillow absorbing culture clashes.

3)Originality isn't a must. When you're in the club, you wanna hear something you're fairly familiar with. Imagine having to concentrate to the lyrics in the noise, heat and cigar smoke a club usually pumps through your body. Add hot chicks and pools of champagne to the equation.

4)The 21st century is all about bragging, high inspiration, mixed emotions and sex. We don't wanna read Balzac, man, we just wanna listen to Pitbull, why won't you get it? Why? Crinoline is out, Latex is in!

5)The more nicknames the better. We can easily recognize the guy that way. Of course, one nickname would work, but wouldn't that be cliche?

6) With a collabo like Robin 'Dick'(you heard it too!), Joe Perry and Travis Barker, who wouldn't want to bump this?! It's multiculturalism, it's backup music, it's four bunnies in one sack, and we love it.

Although this is a response to irkitated's negative approach to Pitbull, we highly recommend you read him/her, and we sure as hell don't feel bad for lobbying for that website. The material over there is fun fun fun, his opinion is very well stated, and I'd give a beer to someone that uses his brain any day. Any day!

Check out the song, form an opinion, and remember. You can't escape the flock, no matter what boat you're in! :)